Kurt Rogers

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About Kurt Rogers:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  30

  • Height:  6'0"

  • Cock Size:  10"

  • Sexual Orientation:  Gay

  • Nationality:  South Africa

  • Prefers:  Versatile

  • Likes:  

  • Model looks and a defined body that matches any of the Gods! Tattooed and enormously well hung, Kurt is one of the best known adult performers in South Africa. Not surprisingly he is now getting a lot of attention in America and the UK as well. This chisel jawed, drop dead gorgeous man seems to have it all....if he doesn't bowl you over with his looks, then his mouth watering 10 inch whopper will be sure to get you going....and he can give as well as receive...(take that from me....we recently worked on a shoot where I turned in a rare bottom performance......( and I don't regret that for one moment! Thanks for the ride Kurt)

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Darren Robins and Kurt Rogers
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Darren and Kurt get hotter than the machines in the boiler room. Kurts huge dick makes Darren’s face light up, especially when he bends over and licks his own cock!! They can’t get enough, and from the fantastic kissing at the start where their stubble rubs over one another to the ass ramming Darren gets from this juicy tool, you’ll be jerking harder than ever whilst watching these smooth tattoeed studs get to work on each others ass and cock, with great armpit eating too!!

Featuring: Darren Robbins
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Dillon Buck and Kurt Rogers
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En route home, Kurt picks up sexy Dillon Buck, a Brit hitchhiker who's more than willing to repay his driver any way he wants. With such a handsome hairy dude in his car, Kurt's never one to turn down a potential fuck, and Dillon is no exception. Hiding quite a package between his legs, Dillon's weapon is soon aimed right at Kurt, and he gets it down his throat within minutes!! Wanting to fuck more than face, Dillon turns Kurt 180 and eats ass and dick, pulling it back to have them both together. Pulling him down to bounce on his cock, Kurt slowly takes it all, grinding down and feeling every inch inside him. Unleashing his load over Kurt's face, Dillon gives him a final soaking of the day, finally sating him, for today at least.

Featuring: Dillon Buck
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Kurt Rogers and Chesrae
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The last one in the gym, Kurt and buff gym worker Chesrae make the most of the empty space for some poolside fun. Enjoying every inch of each others scorching hot bodies, Chesrae takes the lead and teases Kurt's innocent ass to some hot dick action! Bending him over and doing him doggy, Kurt's put through his paces and gets to feel just what it's like to be fucked by a muscled big dicked stud!! Obviously loving every moment, both dump their loads over Kurt, leaving the newly passive hunk completely drenched.

Featuring: Chesrae
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Kurt Rogers, DJ and Jed Wilcox
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Working off all that extra tension, Kurt, Jed and DJ forget about pumping iron and start pumping meat!! The tanned, musclebound men show off their great torsos to each other as the bouncing dicks, and all eyes are on Kurt's monster member. Slamming into the hungry hole, DJ is spit roasted like a real sex addict, devouring dick left right and centre as Kurt drills him faster than ever!! Yelling out as his hole is used more and more by Kurt, feeling it pulsate deep inside him, he truly owns that hole and doesn't stop until he's exploding spunk all over the damn place. Leaving Jed to splatter the lucky passive in more jizz over his peachy swollen ass.

Featuring: DJ , Jed Wilcox
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Kurt Rogers
11 min 52 sec
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Waking up with a morning hard-on as we're all used to, Kurt shows us something amazingly horny, not only does his muscled body tighten and bulge as he jerks his enormous meat, but he leans down, doing what we all wish we could do; and sucks his own dick!! Licking and sucking his throbbing head, he pumps his meat, getting even harder as he flips on some porn, needing to use two hands to fuck and get more dick in his mouth. Spitting and flipping over onto his back, Kurt nears orgasm and doesn't wanna waste a drop of his well-earned spunk, spurting it all over his handsome face, getting a mouthful of his own spunk as it jets from his dick.

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Kurt Rodger, Lee, Marc, and Chase
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Ready for some hardcore action, Kurt arrives at the bar and is immediately horned up to the eyeballs. Playing pool with tall and dark Lee, white young looking Chase and rugged Marc look on, whispering what they'd like to do with Kurt. As Lee and Kurt slowly get naked right by the pool table, Lee's huge dick matches that of Kurt's, and with Chase and Marc joining the fun, the whole room explodes in sexual energy. The two pairs join for an awesome foursome, Lee bouncing on top of Kurt, getting his ass full of meat, then giving young Chase a turn on the pool-table with our hung star. Kurt turns into a cum bucket as he's then saturated in load after load of the hot white stuff.

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Kurt Rogers and Doug Ruffman
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Eager for more spunk, and not his own, Kurt heads to the bar in rather a hurry, and is caught speeding!! Recognized as the super porn-star he is, Kurt brokers a deal to get each other off, and the lean cop gladly obliges!! Both muscled and toned guys are soon stripped naked and Kurt devours the cops dick and balls, to the obvious pleasure of Officer Ruffman. Always wanting to fuck a porn star, Doug doesn't waste his opportunity and lubes up Kurt's hole in a fucking horny and unique way before sliding his own impressive cock into the tattooed star. Spunking on his bonnet, Doug quickly follows suit and coats Kurts freshly fucked ass' pure cum heaven!!

Featuring: Doug Ruffman
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Kurt Rogers and Fabrizzio
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When Kurt comes back to paradise, he's got one hell of a horny treat in store!! Dark haired Fabrizzio is ready and waiting to give the muscled stud a welcome he won't forget!! Eating his ass like he hasn't touched a meal in days, tattooed Kurt gets his tongue right inside this bronzed Adonis, tongue fucking him, ready for the pounding of a lifetime. Kurt produces his unbelievably thick piece of meat, the kind of size a prize stallion would be proud of!! Fucking his buddy in great positions both in and out of the pool, ready to splatter each other in fresh jizz, milked from aching bollocks!!

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Kurt Rodgers, Matthew Ford and Jake
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Things are sweaty in the boardroom as the new guy, Jake, gets a formal dressing down from his superiors. Only, this doesn't reaming formal for two long, as Kurt and Matthew show Jake the consequences of not being a team player by shoving their humongous cocks, deep down his throat. Slowly undressing from their suits, this three manfest turns the heat up higher than the air condition can manage. It's not long before Kurt is opening up Jake's tight asshole with his fingers and tongue, and preparing him to be fucked by both his superiors. This, the cock hungry subordinate does with relish, moaning wildly as he is fucked both ends before being covered in a shower of hot spunk.

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